About the Siedle Organ Company

The Siedle Organ Company
Pipe Organs

The Siedle Organ Company has been established for over fifty years. It is a family owned business that has been nurtured over the years from father to son. Many years of quality craftsmanship have gone into the art of understanding the mechanics of a fine pipe organ.

We provide additions, restorations, installations, repairing, and tuning and yearly service work to maintain your pipe organ.

As with many businesses these days, many changes have taken place in church organs including the emergence of electronics. The Siedle Organ Company remains steadfast in the belief that nothing produces music like a pipe organ. We remain committed to the preservation of this most marvelous instrument.

Our workshop is fully equipped. We have on location a 35 rank (and constantly adding) fully functional pipe organ. Visitors are welcome to tour and experience the true feeling of music that only a pipe organ can provide.